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Managing Agent

We understand the importance of preventative and ongoing maintenance for a Scheme and will participate in arranging of any quotations or engaging upon directive of the Trustees.


Estate management

Your dedicated Estate Manager will oversee the common property and allows you peace of mind in knowing that a burden has been lifted off your shoulders. 


Meter Reading

We offer meter reading for sub-meters to the scheme conducted on a monthly cycle basis. This division has been operational since December 2011 and has proven to be a success.


Rentals and Sales

We have an internal sales and rentals division that began in 2014 which is a complimentary service for our existing and new clients. We operate in the Greater Gauteng area


About Us

A brief history of lumic

Michelle Persson, founder and Managing Director of Lumic Property Consultants, began her career in the Property Industry essentially by coincidence.

Following extensive research regarding Sectional Title, the self-taught at that time, Michelle became a Chairperson of a Sectional Title Complex after she rallied up support of new owners, such as herself, who were new to the “animal” of Sectional Title Living; and challenged the appointed Managing Agent regarding the mismanagement, lack of personalized service and overall disregard for the community of the complex. The complex then became one of the most sought after rental complexes in the south of Johannesburg and the investors recognized the role of good Trustees and Managing Agent in regards to safeguarding ones’ investment.

Michelle was then approached by the developer who was the main investor within the complex to open an internal Managing Agent service for their Company. In 2006, after a year of running the agency for the developer, Michelle was offered to take the buildings under her management with her and start her own independent managing agent firm and Lumic Property Consultants cc was then established.

The Company moved from strength to strength and became a recognizable company in the Managing Agent industry. It became known as Lumic Property Consultants (Pty) Ltd in 2009 and boasted an established client base and continued to grow and offering with a focus on the importance of a financially sound Scheme managed with integrity and fairness.

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Our Managed Estates

The Kanyin

Beautiful Entrance
Beautiful Entrance
Spectacular Clubhouse
Spectacular Clubhouse
Elegant Houses
Elegant Houses


This complex was one of the first of its kind in terms of size. With 540 sectional title units, along with its own fully-fledged gymnasium, Clubhouse, pool and independently run creché, The Kanyin soon became a landmark in Sunninghill for obvious reasons. Lumic were appointed at the start of its establishment in 2007 and has been honoured to provide property management services to The Kanyin since then. With just on 90 blocks of units, The Kanyin has a warm appeal for the investor, the young entrepreneur as well as any young family seeking safe and secure living experience. Due to frugal management over the years with a continued strong team of Trustees, The Kanyin has a secure financial standing and is well equipped to meet its maintenance needs, both present and future. Residents have the benefit of an on-site Estate Manager, 24hr/365 security personnel, gardening and cleaning teams as well as a maintenance team. Living in The Kanyin is an enjoyable experience and is an attractive investment.


Nestled in the natural landscape of Bassonia, Bakara is a sectional title complex of 134 units that was established in 2008. It boasts a fully functional gymnasium, Clubhouse and pool entertainment area that allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscape that it was built around. With its emphasis on nature, the complex has an abundance of wildlife and has brought that into the blocks by incorporating natural wood to its decks that service the ground floor units. The atmosphere is serene, and the setting is beautiful. Bakara has always been a sought-after complex in the south of Johannesburg. Close to all amenities and highways. Being managed by Lumic since inception, the complex enjoys onsite Estate Management provided by Lumic as well, 24hr/365 security personnel, cleaning and gardening teams who work hard to keep the nature aspect alive in Bakara. Its efforts to bring nature even more into the complex have included the natural landscaping initiatives and the housing of owl boxes as well. Lumic have always been very proud to be associated with Bakara and its residents.


Grand Main Entrance
Grand Main Entrance
Pool Side View
Pool Side View
Luscious Garden Space
Luscious Garden Space

Morninghill Gardens

Relaxed Patio
Relaxed Patio
Stylish Duplex
Stylish Duplex
Spectacular Driveways
Spectacular Driveways


Situated in Bedfordview, Morninghill Gardens is a 50-unit sectional title complex that was established in 2014. Lumic have been privileged to provide Property Management services and roaming Estate Management services to it since the end of 2016. Morninghill Gardens is situated perfectly just off the main highway of Bedfordview and has a modern appeal to both the investor and young family seeking a solid financial foundation as well as a sense of security. Having managed Morninghill Gardens from the end of 2016, Lumic have enjoyed assisting the Body Corporate move from strength to strength especially with implementing the maintenance plan which has benefited the look and appeal of the complex tremendously. Again, as with all our successful buildings, Lumic have had the joy of working with a great team of Trustees which make management a mutually beneficial experience.

services for your estate

Sharing of any pertinent information or articles of interest with Trustees and owners. Preparation of documentation for Annual General Meetings as well as Trustee meetings form part of normal practice.

Compulsory attendance of Annual General Meetings and four Trustee meetings, however we will welcome invites to all Trustee meetings. We attend meetings at a charge and provide full minute taking service for meetings attended. We compile the agenda for the Trustee meetings and record the minutes of meeting as part of normal course of business. Same is then kept in soft and hard copy on our side for records purposes.

Assisting in the compilation and circulation of correspondence on behalf of Trustees to owners: enquiries, complaints, and conduct issues either in writing, electronic mail, or short message services.
Assisting the Trustees with the setup of Management and Conduct Rules. Any changes in Management and Conduct Rules will be filed with the Ombuds Service.

Ensuring the Body Corporate books of account are audited by an independent auditor appointed by the members of the Body Corporate present at the AGM with a recommendation of reviewing different auditors in regard to value for money, turnaround times and independent opinion.

Managing the Dispute Resolution Process for the Scheme by way of educating members to resolve disputes initially amicably before completing the Complaint form which will require proof that an attempt was made to try resolve the issue before bringing the matter before the Body Corporate.

Lumic then reviews the complaint on its merits and assists in mediation of the dispute via an onsite meeting with the parties and the Estate Manager. The meeting is minuted and should a resolution not be met; the matter is then brought before the Trustees at a Dispute Resolution meeting with the final approach being the Adjudicator.

Safekeeping of all legal information: minute books, attendance registers, rules, insurance documents and all other regulatory information stipulated by the governing Acts.

Ensuring adequate insurance cover for the complex through determining the correct replacement value of the buildings. We work with reputable community scheme specialist brokers who ensure that the best interests of the Body Corporate are met always.

We will also assist in processing of any insurance claims on behalf of the Body Corporate through to the Broker concerned which reduces the brokerage fees to the Scheme and allows for in-house record keeping of claims submitted.

All administration duties are met with care and are handled as a beyond the “extra mile” approach.


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Very professional company and well trained individuals.
Highly recommended.
 Rashveer Manilal
Rashveer Manilal

ROle players



Managing Director

Michelle has had over thirteen years’ experience as a Personal Assistant in varied types of industries ranging from motivational speakers to CEO’s of large corporates which has rendered her capable of dealing across most industries with strong organisational and administrative skills being the result. 

Deciding to change from being a PA, Michelle embarked on studies to better her career and completed a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing. She worked as the National Marketing Manager for a large recruitment agency for two years and went onto being a Marketing Coordinator for an international FMCG company for a further two years, before being approached by Balwin Properties to start their own internal managing agent division in 2005. 

After successfully starting this division for the development company, she started her own Managing Agent company in 2006 which became known as Lumic. She further advanced her career in Sectional Title by completing the Sectional Title Scheme Management Course via Paddocks UCT, renowned industry specialists. Following on from involvement with Seeff Property Services, she completed the Senior Development Program (NQF7 credit) through the University of Stellenbosch. 

With strengths, such as strong administrative skills, a “black and white” passionate approach to law and a boldness in standing her ground, Michelle is adept in providing firm legal guidance to the Schemes she manages. With a boldness that can often be misconstrued as rudeness, Michelle has integrity and passion to match.



General Manager

After completing a Bachelors of Administration majoring in Industrial Psychology, Candice began her career as a call centre agent for a reputable bank as part of their student program.  She was promoted within to be a Business Development Officer handling a (very new at that stage) offering called Internet Banking.  She consistently exceeded targets and was requested to join an office filing solutions company. From there experience in sales and after-sales care which spanned a further three years, Candice decided to follow her passion which was the motor industry.  She became a New Vehicle Sales person for a well-known German car brand and remained there as top sales person for 2 years before going on to another car brand which rendered her experience with Corporate companies in good stead and secured many fleet sales.

Deciding to grow her career within the motor industry, she joined an international car manufacturing company as a District Sales and Business Manager.  Her tasks were to secure new franchisees and evaluate the performance of the dealer network.  Approached by her sister, Candice then joined Lumic in 2007 as a Portfolio Manager and has been a key player in the past growth of the company.  Like Michelle, she further advanced her career in Sectional Title by completing the Sectional Title Scheme Management Course via Paddocks UCT, renowned industry specialists.  Following on from involvement with Seeff Property Services, she completed the Senior Development Program (NQF7 credit) through the University of Stellenbosch

With skills acquired from her career in sales, coupled with an understanding of the human psyche, Candice is adaptable in many a situation and can communicate on varied levels which stands her in good stead when dealing with personal issues that face the occupants of complexes as well as within the company itself.  Candice has a logical, dedicated, conscientious way in which she works with attention to detail always.  Her developed skills allow her to manage all insurance claims with correctness and ensure that all compliancy in regards to disbursements are met for the Scheme.

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